The impact of safety

In Season 3, Ep. 60 of the Best Boss Ever podcast, Christine connects with Naomi Titleman, founder, and principal of Collaborativity Inc., co-founder of future foHRward, and strategic advisor for The Bedford Consulting Group Inc.  

Naomi shares her experience with one of her first bosses, Chuck, whom she started working with after moving to New York City. 

As a brand-new consultant, she felt lost, but Chuck quickly took her under his wing and made her “part of his posse.” Chuck helped her find her footing, grow her confidence, and learn how she wanted to learn. He was the type of leader Naomi never felt she had to be fearful of, which impacted the entire team. Even managers reporting to Chuck followed his example, leading in a motivating, empowering, and firm-but-fair way. 

Learn how Chuck created so much safety in a large organization, and why he’s continued to influence Naomi’s own leadership style.

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