What if you already had exactly what you were looking for?

When most of us think about the new year, we think about what we want compared to what we have. We want more success, prosperous relationships, money, travel, quality time with family, or more JOY! 

More joy, right? Who doesn’t want more joy? But as I began to think about the idea of “more joy,” I thought about what I already have or had in 2022, including: 

  • Quality time with my family.
  • Quality time with my friends that feel like family.
  • Fantastic work with great clients.
  • More time to write thought-leadership and connect with my own insights.
  • More time at the park watching the dogs play and chatting with neighbours.
  • More time enjoying a nice drive while listening to a favorite podcast (cough, Best Boss Ever).

This got me thinking: Instead of working from a vision board or inventing something new, what If I amplified the excellent stuff I already had? What if I figured out how to multiply what I already have versus creating something net-new? We often reach for something we don’t have that will make us happy. But, unfortunately, we overlook the joys we already have in pursuing new joys. Think about these questions:

How many good work days did you have this year, and how can you have more? On a scale of 1-10, the quality time with your family is a 6; how could you increase it to an 8?

Think about the holidays; what are your best memories? If you dread shopping like me and someone else does it, how can you honor that and them this year? I like certain gourmet foods I only have at this time of the year. What about you? What do you want to indulge in?

I really, really enjoy driving around and seeing the Christmas lights. It was handed down to me by my parents? What about you? What was passed on to you that you really enjoy yet need to prioritize? How could you schedule more time with people you love to be around? Which desserts do you enjoy making? I could go on and on with these questions, but all of them would focus on what we already know, have, or enjoy. 

How can you and I double and triple down on what already exists in our lives and in our relationships? And if we could quantify the joy factor, how could we 1.5-3X the joy quotient?

Do I have you thinking yet? I hope so. I hope so because I work with people all year round. I hear them talk about their lives, including their struggles and joys. As a result, this year’s experiences and stories got me thinking about the joys I have and how I can amplify more of them. 

Perhaps, I have simplified the pursuit of joy for this holiday season and into 2023. But don’t ignore the simple things – the things we already have that bring us the most joy. So think about it, and let me know what you come up with! 

Happy Holidays! 


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