Perfecting emotional professionalism

In Episode 68 of the Best Boss Ever podcast, Christine is joined by Brittany S. Hale, CEO and founder of BND Consulting Group. 

Brittany shares the story of her “best boss ever,” Frank, who she met when she was an attorney. 

Explaining how Frank’s affinity for leadership was clear from the very beginning, she says he was someone who set an example for the “emotional professionalism” that was expected in the organization. This was essential to creating a culture where growth could flourish, where Brittany felt comfortable taking ownership of any mistakes so that they could be rectified as efficiently as possible.

Listen in to hear how these learnings stayed with Brittany well after she left her legal career behind, and why Frank’s practice of maintaining emotional professionalism, assuming positive intent, and making tough feedback feel easy made his coaching so impactful. 

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