Unlocking potential through allyship

In Season 3, Ep. 53 of the Best Boss Ever podcast, Christine chats with Vasie Papadopoulus, VP, Corporate Communications at Believeco.


Vasie shares the experiences she had with an amazing leader from her last role, who championed allyship in a male-dominated industry. 


Motivated to make positive changes within the company, Vasie was challenged to accomplish this in an environment where there was limited representation. Fortunately, Vasie’s boss actively listened and advocated for her to expand her breadth of experience and knowledge. Not only did this enable her to grow as a leader, but helped create a culture change within the company, where more women could see themselves leading. 


They discuss the necessity of consistency, the powerful combination of self-advocacy and a network of champions, how male leaders can make small shifts to elevate diversity, and the priceless return on investing in your employees. 

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